Our first flash mob!

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  1. Great film! Almost perfect! Very well done!! The thing is, we need to get away from rules of any kind. Side-lying is VERY effective when the mother is too tired for other positions, when the baby is already coming very fast, or when the pelvis needs to relax and open to let the baby out. Side-lying works well in hospital settings where attendants can accept that position better than all 4′s or other positions that seem “weird” or “dangerous” to them. Side-lying can effect a gentle birth and protect the perineum. Birth Stools are ok but over the years I would say they do cause more tearing of perineum and very rapind expulsion of the baby. Or sometimes they prevent the descent because the mother needs to do a “full” squat, on floor or bed, not the semi-squat provided by a birth stool. Upright is usually good but sometimes the mother needs to recline on her side to bring the baby out. As the film says, the mother needs freedom to move and sometimes supportive guidance to find a good position. And thank you for saying its not good to “count” or force any kind of routine pushing on a mother. “Push as hard as you can!” is a man’s idea of what would work…..like it does when getting a truck out of a ditch, but that’s not the way babies come down. Let’s observe mothers who give birth freely to see what works! And learn that so many different things can help…..never just one position or one kind of breathing! “Observation” would go a long way toward humanizing birth for everyone!

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